MEFS for Professional Sports Teams

Mental Edge Fitness Solutions provides elite solutions for the elite athlete.

Maintaining the condition of your players physical and mental wellness is a critical component to how your team is ranked at the end of the season.
Studies have shown that wellness services for the elite athlete can cost more than $5,000.00 per month. With the patent-pending business model at MEFS and the use of our cutting-edge technology we provide innovative solutions to assist with elevating the mental fitness of your team.
Would your team be interested in a solution that takes care of the mental fitness of your athletes?
Contact a Mental Edge Fitness specialist and let us be the Mental Edge behind your elite athlete.

MEFS in three easy steps


Meet with the Mental Edge Fitness team.

MEFS will assist you with creating a Mental Edge Fitness Solutions training program for your team.

Select from a menu of services that would be most beneficial to your athletes.


MEFS team will assist you every step of the way

Our team will assist in the implementation and education of our services for a smooth transition.

MEFS provides the board certified, licensed staff, the equipment and the patent-pending business model.


Breathe easier knowing that the mental fitness of your elite athletes is our top priority.

At MEFS we understand that preforming at the elite level, requires elite solutions. Unlock your Edge with Edge Elite.

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Select the Mental Edge Fitness Package that works best for you.
(Mind, Body and Connection)
  • Edge Basic: Mind service= Biofeedback service
  • Edge Premium: Mind service= Biofeedback service + (Body or Connection service)
  • Edge Elite: Mind service= Biofeedback service + Body Service + Connection service
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Customize your package. Select a service from the drop down menu under mind, body or connection. Not sure what to select or what your needs are, contact a Mental Edge Fitness specialist for assistance.
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Sign up for your Mental Edge Fitness Program at your location, schedule a meeting to meet with your providers and let your Mental Edge Fitness journey begin!!

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We provide board certified, licensed and qualified staff for each specialty service provided to our clients and their organization.