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Mental Edge Fitness Solutions and its patent-pending business model, incorporates science based services and cutting edge neuroscience technologies to enhance the overall mental fitness of our clients.

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MEFS provides the board certified, licensed staff, the equipment and the patent-pending business model

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Become a MEFS provider

Why become a MEFS provider?

Benefits for your clients:

The 3 C’s (Convenient, Customized, Cost-effective)


Your clients can now spend time focusing on their overall goals under one umbrella. No more traveling to several providers to get their health and wellness needs met.


Everyone is unique. Clients will be able to select a package best suited for their personal health, wellness and mental fitness goals.


Fitness, Health and wellness industries coming together under one roof, creating customized packages, allows the ability to reduce the price of services. More of the services you want, more often, for less.


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Bring your organization and your clients to their edge

Become a MEFS Provider

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