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The overall mental fitness and wellness of your employees impacts your brand and bottom line.

Did you know, according to the American Psychological Association, on average, employees with high stress have 45 percent higher health care costs and are twice as likely to cost employers 250 percent more in health care expenses than co-workers with lower stress?

Stress is responsible for over 70 percent of workplace accidents, 50 percent of absenteeism, and over $300 billion in associated costs.


Would your organization be interested in a solution that takes care of the mental fitness of your employees?

Contact a Mental Edge Fitness specialist and let us show you how to bring your organization and your employees to their Edge.

In three easy steps



Meet with our Mental Edge Fitness team.

MEFS will assist you with creating a Mental Edge Fitness Solutions wellness program for your organization.

Select from a menu of services that would be most beneficial to your employees.



We will assist you ever step of the way.

MEFS team will assist in the implementation and education of Mental Edge Fitness Solutions wellness program for smooth transition.

MEFS provides the board certified, licensed staff, the equipment and the patent-pending business model.


Begin enjoying the benefits of being a cutting-edge organization.

Begin saving money on healthcare cost, increase the value of your business, attract higher caliber employees and enjoy the benefits of being a cutting-edge organization that understands the fitness of their staff will ultimately determine the fitness of the organization.


Select the Mental Edge Fitness Package that works best for you.
(Mind, Body and Connection)
  • Edge Basic: Mind service= Biofeedback service
  • Edge Premium: Mind service= Biofeedback service + (Body or Connection service)
  • Edge Elite: Mind service= Biofeedback service + Body Service + Connection service
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Customize your package. Select a service from the drop down menu under mind, body or connection. Not sure what to select or what your needs are, contact a Mental Edge Fitness specialist for assistance.
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Sign up for your Mental Edge Fitness Program at your location, schedule a meeting to meet with your providers and let your Mental Edge Fitness journey begin!!

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We provide board certified, licensed and qualified staff for each specialty service provided to our clients and their organization.