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Youth testimonial

Ayush Bodhale | Senior High School | Golf Player
After 6 Weeks Training

Why did I Join MEFS?

What are the results after 6 weeks of training?

Youth testimonial

Sofia Rooney | Senior Cannon High School Committed to University of Norte Dame | Track & Field

After 6 Weeks Training

Questions about mental fitness and Sofia's Experience with MEFS (2.:12, 3:29, 4:47)

ADULT testimonial

Ed Price | Charlotte Rescue Mission. COO
5 Years Training
Why did I Join MEFS?
The results
Peak Performance for me

ADULT testimonial


3 Months of Training after several concussions due to contact sports

What I’m feeling and would I recommend it?

YOUTH testimonial

Brooke Freeman | Catawba College | Soccer Player
12 Weeks Training (after 2 Year Concussion)
Concussion accident and symptoms

Is MEFS really working?

What are the results after 12 weeks
What would I recommend if someone had a brain injury or concussion

Google testimonials

...Mental Edge Fitness's brain training is a powerful training method. The brain training allowed me to strengthen aspects of my mental perception in relation to myself as well as my surroundings...
(MEFS YOUTH) kwency
...We all really took something home from this workshop and the instructor Chelisa was very knowledgeable throughout the breathing workshop. I observed them doing the breathing exercises we learned the next evening as part of their bedtime routine! Highly recommend!...
(MEFS YOUTH) Penny Stroozas
...MEFS cognitive training has really improved my ability to focus and retain information in my new position. I am grateful to Tracy for her help in improving my performance in my career. I am very happy with my results and am so glad I had this opportunity...
(MEFS ADULTS) Denise Maxwell
...I need to be performing at my best. MEFS has helped to increase my focus, mental stamina, and energy. I look forward to my sessions at Mental Edge and have been so pleased with my progress during the program...
(MEFS ADULTS) Krista Marks
... Working with Mental Edge has been a breakthrough for me. Training with Tracy has increased my focus, energy, and renewed my confidence. I highly recommend Mental Edge for anyone looking to sharpen their mental acuity and get them back on a path to living life with purpose and passion...
(MEFS ADULTS) Michael Watkins
...I've been working with Mental Edge Fitness for about 2 months now and the biggest improvement for me has been my ability to sleep. With the brain work and exercising my brain using the techniques provided, I have settled down a lot of the noise that has been rattling around in my brain...
(MEFS ADULTS) Richard Mac Farlane
...I feel more competitive in all areas of my life. I am more focused and have greater clarity. I am continuing to gain strength, flexibility, and balance both physically and mentally through this program. Everyone there is positive and encouraging. Thanks Mental Edge Fitness Solutions!
(MEFS ADULTS) Joanna Roewart
...Focused. Attentive. Productive. Since I have been brain training at Mental Edge Fitness, I have experienced better focus and productivity. When I wake up I’m extremely refreshed. I used to need five alarms to wake up, but now I just need two. During my workday, I am more focused on projects and productive...
(MEFS ADULTS) Alexandria Ferguson


... My experience with neurofeedback has been a life changing one. I was able to step back and use what I learned through my work with my neurofeedback to keep myself calm, focused, and relaxed, in order to make the best shot that I could. All in all, my experience with neurofeedback has been one that has changed my life...
(MEFS YOUTH) Caroline Thesier
... Two years ago I had my second concussion as a soccer player and that changed my life. During the last two years I feel drain, difficult to focus, anxiety, poor memory. After training for two months with MEFS, it has been life changing. I trained in the office and remote to continue the progress. I feen now I can focus, no migraines, can read again, more energy....
(MEFS YOUTH) Brooke Freeman
... When I do Neurofeedback training I feel great after. I feel like I’m more focused at school and my head is in the game while riding and competing. I don’t get distracted easily, I’m focused on my riding.....
(MEFS YOUTH) Kaitlyn I.
... Hi my name is Maddie Essen the MEF- yoga program has helped me tremendously. I started doing yoga when I was feeling distracted and felt it hard to focus on schoolwork.The class had just the right amount of challenge. The MEF-yoga instructor, Chelisa taught me how to eliminate distractions with….
(MEFS YOUTH) Maddie E.

Train the Brain and the Body will Follow