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Competing at the top level is no longer just about your speed, strength, and agility. To compete like the elite and stay at the top of your game you need a mental advantage. At Mental Edge Fitness Solutions, we understand that maintaining the condition of your player’s physical and mental fitness is a top priority and a crucial component to how you perform during the season.

Physical fitness training is embedded into every sports program, but what about mental fitness? Who's taking care of your teams’ mental fitness?



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Top Performers using technologies used by Mental Edge Fitness Solutions.

Competing at the top level is no longer just about your speed, strength, and agility. To compete like the elite and stay at the top of your game you need a mental advantage. At Mental Edge Fitness Solutions, we understand that maintaining the condition of your player’s physical and mental fitness is a top priority and a crucial component to how you perform during the season.

Training for peak performance requires more than just physical fitness, which is why elite performers are incorporating brain-boosting training for Peak Performance.


The Italian National Soccer Team

2006 World Cup Champions

Called "The Mind Room" in Italian Soccer Training. The use of Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping for optimum performance helped them to win the 2006 World Cup. In order to score they need to remain calm, alert, focused, and ready


Mary Pierce

Tennis Champion and Olympic Gold Medal
Mary used Neurofeedback during her career. Players like her don’t want the competition to know they are doing Neurofeedback because it would give away their mental advantage.


Josh McCown

Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League
Neurofeedback gave him better control over his life and emotions and a better perspective on how to deal with difficult situations. He also feels like he has a better ability to concentrate and accurately predict situations during games. “I believe it was a big reason why I played at the level I played at ” The use of Neurofeedback is frequent in sport psychology, especially in the area of concussion assessment (using QEEG assessment) and treatment.


Tobias Harris

Forward for the Philadelphia 76ers
Tobias uses an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine for Neurofeedback for 45 minutes every day when he’s on the road. That repeated practice of concentrating to keep the video playing trains Harris’s brain to easily and efficiently return to a focused state which is important when he’s on the court or in a high-pressure situation.


Hermann Maier

Olympic Games Gold Medalist
He was the most successful Super-G racer ever, winning 24 World Cup races in this discipline. After a severe motorcycle crash, Maier recovered fought himself back to the world's top-level, and won his fourth overall World Cup title in 2004. Hermann has spoken in support of Neurofeedback training.


Real Madrid

FIFA Club of the 20th Century. Champions and UEFA
Real Madrid adopted Neurofeedback I n 2007. Today it is recognized as the FIFA Club of the 20th Century. Received the FIFA Centennial Order of Merit on 20 May 2004. Awarded Best European Club of the 20th Century by the IFFHS on 11 May 2010. In June 2017, the team succeeded in becoming the first club to win consecutive Champions League titles, then made it three in a row and four in five seasons in May 2018, extending their lead atop the UEFA club rankings


Chris Kaman

NBA Clippers’ Top Star
NBA Clippers’ star Chris Kaman reportedly got misdiagnosed with ADHD. With Neurofeedback he found ways to regulate his brain waves and stay calm during crunch moments in his game. Kaman attributed his newfound form to Neurofeedback training and the underlying peak performance attaining benefits.


Bryson DeChambeau

Winner of the 120th US Open
DeChambeau has been doing Neurofeedabck for more than a year, but he didn’t openly discuss it until last fall, just about the time he began a hot streak that hasn’t subsided. Now he’s the world’s highest-ranked golfer without a major. Yes, his approach may seem unconventional – the brain training


Tony Robbins

Well Known Self-help Writer and Public Speaker
He reportedly enjoys the benefits of Neurofeedback. Tony Robbins' testimonial reveals that his multitasking abilities have skyrocketed. He can visualize two different tasks with utmost accuracy. He claims that a week retreat package they offer imparts the benefits and wellness of 20 years of meditation


The Canadian FreestyleSkiing Team

2010 Winter Olympic Women's Snowboard Cross
The Canadian freestyle skiing team in 2008 signed on for the Neurofeedback training program to become the N1 medal winner in 2010. The program is designed to help them develop the skills to reach the optimal mental and physical state to perform at their best – and they are convinced it’s paying dividends.


Canucks Hockey Team

Pacific Division of the Western Conference
The Canucks have been using a new technology called the Mind Room. The Mind Room uses Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping (QEEG assessment) instruments to assess and train athletes to control their stress and attention in competitive situations. The Canucks have several older players who are performing at their highest levels more consistently.


Gold Medals 2004 and the 2008 Summer Olympics

Winner of the 120th US Open
Neurofeedback helped her stay calm in pressure moments. The data generated from her brain waves helped teach herself how to suppress the brain waves that give rise to low performance. Additionally, she learned to increase the brain waves associated with peak brain performance.

The Benefits For Top Performers


  • Increase focus and ability to block out distractions
    • Enhance your team's ability to zone in longer and block out distractions.
  • Faster mental recovery after a mistake or set back
    • Setbacks, losses, injuries, and careless mistakes are all part of the game. Teams that can quickly bounce back mentally win.
  • Breathe easier knowing that the mental fitness of your elite athletes is our top priority
    • Have confidence knowing that you have qualified and certified professionals taking care of the mental fitness of your athletes.
  • Be on the cutting edge of peak mental performance training
    • Mental Fitness training is where everything is turning. The industry is starting to understand that training the muscle that is 90% responsible for our performance is a necessity. Brain training has to become a focus area for your team. Don’t be late for the party.
  • Attract the best
    • Enjoy the benefits of being a cutting-edge organization that emphasizes and understands that the mental fitness of their team matters. Caring about the overall mental, physical and emotional wellness of your team will pay off far beyond what you can see.
  • Player Development
    • You’re not only developing a team that can get the job done today, but you’re developing a team that’s mentally fit to get the job done in the future. You want a team that can handle all the challenges that will come with the ups and downs of life and sports.
  • Mindfulness Training
    • Improve communication within teams and strengthen the mindset of your leaders.

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