Change Your Mental State by Harnessing the Power of Brain Waves

Change Your Mental State by Harnessing the Power of Brain Waves

Have you heard of brain waves? Granted, they are all the rave recently and rightly so! Brain waves are rhythmic oscillations that neurons produce in synchrony. These waves contain information in small packets that help you perform tasks in your life. Talking on the phone, taking notes in class, driving listlessly along that freeway, brain waves have got you covered. …

Neurofeedback Can Improve Students Mental Performance

Neurofeedback Can Improve Students’ Mental Performance

What is Neurofeedback? Neurofeedback, also known as brain training can improve students' mental performance, which isn’t something scary or complicated. In a nutshell, neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that helps in the self-regulation of the brain. The brain houses lots of electrical activity and generates brain waves. Therefore, these waves are what constitute moods, emotions, processing information and consequently, ...



Biofeedback is a mind-body technique used to improve your overall mental and emotional fitness. Biofeedback works by attaching sensors to various parts of your body to measure physiological activity like brain waves, heart rate, muscle tension, body temperature and more. The benefit of wearing the sensors is so you can see these measurements in real-time on a computer screen. With …

Yoga for Mental Fitness™


Learn how the practice of yoga creates powerful, new neural connections to facilitate change and improve mental focus and productivity. Yoga for Mental Fitness™ What to expect: Short discussion about the lines of communication between Mind and Body Effects of stress on the Mind-Body connection Techniques to unify Mind & Body A yoga practice designed to develop awareness and resilience …

Meditation & Brain Optimization


With Meditation for Mental Fitness™, an evidenced-based meditation workshop, you will learn the science of mediation and the systematic process of training your mind to enhance productivity and concentration, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and awaken a calm mind; yet powerful mind to stabilize emotions to endure life’s stressors. What to expect: Discussion on the science of meditation How to …

Brain Food Workshop: Optimize your mind


Description: Learn and experience essential brain foods to help nourish the mind. This workshop is specifically designed to discuss foods that are key in optimizing the brain and the body’s performance. What you’ll learn: The science behind food and the brain Essential foods for optimal brain performance Practical strategies to change your brain through foods What to bring: PLEASE NOTIFY …


Beneficial Feedback

Albert Einstein said it best, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over-and-over again and expecting different results.”

Feedback is one of the lowest cost, biggest impact processes available. Feedback gives us insight on how others perceive a product or service, how others perceive our performance at home, at work, at school and in our relationships. Feedback allows the ability for growth and change.